About Me...

I am a full-time student, mother, and employee. I love my life and wouldn't change it for the world. I'm majoring in Elementary Education because I love kids and would like to make a difference in some, if not all kids I come in contact with. After graduating with my bachelor's degree I plan on joining the Airforce as an Officer. I also plan on retiring from the military and after I retire, hopefully I will be able to pick up where I left off and become an elementary school teacher.

My Teaching Philosophy

Teaching in the world today is going to be a challenging and rewarding experience for me. Not only will my students learn from me, I will learn from them.

My main goal will be to instill character and aspiration to always search for truth and full understanding of whatever their endeavors in life will be. Not just to be successful but to dream and live life to the fullest of every moment.

I want to make a differnece by living the example of what I wish to instill in my students. Every student should be shown respect, dignity, and love from their teacher. This type of example will help them to show these behaviors in return.

Another goal I have is to reach mastery and impact stage of teaching. I refuse to become stagnated into survival stage of teaching. My students deserve much more, nothing less!

Increase Academic Learning Time

If you look in several classrooms today you will find the teacher doing most if not all the work. According to research, the person who does the work is the person who learns. My plan is to increase the amount of time my students are working, so I can increase their learning. It's a proven fact that people who work and put in effort always achieve more than those who don't.

Google Documents

Google Documents will be a great tool to use in my classroom. Not to mention it's free and won't cost my student's or their parent's a dime. My student's will be able to create power points, forms, word documents and much more. They will also be able to pull up information they have saved on Google Documents without looking for or keeping up with a flash drive. I think everyone should take advantage of Google Documents because it's free and a it's a wonderful tool for everyone, not just teachers and students.

iTunes University

I plan to use iTunes U in my classroom. I believe iTunes U will be a very useful tool for my students, parents, and myself as well. By using iTunes my students can download information pertinent to what I was teaching and upload it to their iPod. They could listen to this information over and over at their convenience whenever and wherever they like. As a teacher, I could get ideas from iTunes U and can use it as learning tool while I'm teaching.

Positve Expectations

Having high expectations for my students will influence their achievement and attitude in my class. I believe my kids will be motivated to learn and strive for excellence if I show them I care and believe in them. Student success is limited only by adult expectations. With that being said, I believe having high expectations for your students in the beginning, is the start for having a successful school year!

Good Classroom Manangement

As a future teacher I plan to manage my classroom; not discipline it. I'm going to organize student's, space, time, and materials so that student learning can take place. In my classroom I will practice procedures, so my students will know what is expected of them. My classroom will not run on a list of rules, because a rule is a dare to be broken. By doing this I plan to run a classroom with little confusion or wasted time.